ICE inc. by John Hipwell

ICE inc.  2015

John Hipwell


# Max is an Ice addict advocate, who thinks he has something special to sell to anyone interested in “the Last decision you’ll ever have to make”! # When two 16 year old students Wil Johnston & Georgia Backhouse from Corowa High School, requested a one week Internship with my production company recently I decided after a number of emails and a Skype conversation that I would ask them to help create a short film about a major problem in their heart land at that time. Over a five day period “ICE inc.” a parody on “get fit quick!” TV advertorials was delivered as a rough and brutal view of these kids world. “ICE inc.” offers a sobering and anti-ICE view of the world, targeted at exactly the audience greatest at risk – Wil and Georgia’s buddies!

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