Take A Seat Exhibition Opening by John Hipwell

Take A Seat Exhibition Opening  2016

John Hipwell


Rachel Rovay’s body of work, as exhibited in her solo exhibition at Without Pier Gallery, Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia from 01/05/2016 – 15/05/16 is the subject of this short film. The exhibition titled “Take A Seat” series, introduces Rovay’s shaped, cut-out panel paintings which are informed by colour, shape and an object – like quality, taken all the way to the edges. Rovay has left the rectangle behind!

Rovay says “When the rectangle is cut with the electric router it is a moment of transformation through the power of change. As if by magic, the edges absorb and redefine”.

“I use a palette of saturated primary colours to isolate hues, creating a bold presence. Black outlines carve and segregate the pure colour from grisaille, creating a striking contrast. Impasto paint is loaded on to the surface with a pallet knife and other parts of the paintings get scrapped back with an electric sander. Thin layers of paint allow the original surface to be revealed. The content eventually pulsates in unity”.

“Colour is a vehicle for expression, it has become a dominate feature of the work in relation to other qualities in the work”.

“Moving away from the Salon painting genre, I begin a new process of expression. I became interested in new materials, new tools, and a new transformation of value”.

“The imagery is inspired by spaces in our urban environment and our experience of the everyday. The works take shape and form through a collision between order and disorder. The urbanscape sensibility within the work is as important as the irregular outer dimension of the cut-out painting. The composition intends to expand the viewers’ experience beyond the paintings’ edges”

“Inside (image) and the outside (contour of the picture) are created on the same terms. With this recent work I break with decorum of main stream modernism, taking risks and altering the rules of my academic training”.

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