NNTV - Urban Bird Life #01 by John Hipwell

NNTV - Urban Bird Life #01  2016

John Hipwell


Nurturing Nature TV: An engaging and entertaining TV series that investigates the environmental and conservation concerns that affect our everyday lives.
Some of the positive impacts that we will engage with our audience are:
Planting of indigenous plants that are relevant to the provenance can help boost native populations of birds, mammals, insects, reptiles and frogs. Planting the wrong plants can shift the balance of native animals to those that are most dominant.
Recycling /reducing wastes such as glass and plastics and how these items clog up our wetlands and beaches.
Using eco-friendly fire bricks which saves the forests from logging for firewood and it turn saves the many species that utilize trees.
Using recycled toilet paper/copy paper, which also helps save the forests and the species that inhabit them.
Stu Cochrane (Presenter) an avid environmentalist and conservationist tackles these issues head on, and takes the audience with him to show the positive difference people power makes.
John Hipwell (Producer) An avid environmentalist also shows us how important moving images are in telling the conservation story. John and Stu are a formidable team that have the ability to enlighten all generations that the difference can be made together

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