Alvin Purple - Trailer by John Hipwell

Alvin Purple - Trailer  1973

John Hipwell

3rd Assistant Director

97 min

Alvin Purple is an 1973 Australian comedy film starring Graeme Blundell, written by Alan Hopgood and directed by Tim Burstall.

It received largely negative reviews from local film critics. Despite this it was a major hit with Australian audiences. Alvin Purple became the most commercially successful Australian film released to that time, breaking the box office record set by Michael Powell's pioneering Anglo-Australian comedy feature They're a Weird Mob (1966).

The score and title theme were composed by iconic Australian singer-songwriter Brian Cadd.

A 1974 film sequel Alvin Rides Again toned-down the sex scenes and nudity, adding more camp comedy.

This was followed by a 1976 Australian Broadcasting Commission situation comedy television series titled Alvin Purple. Blundell reprised the title role in both, as well as in the 1984 movie Melvin, Son of Alvin.

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