The Ettamogah Mob by John Hipwell

The Ettamogah Mob  2006

John Hipwell


5 min

The Ettamogah Mob

Greedon’s Revenge


The Ettamogah Mob – Greedon’s Revenge-  is a story about never giving up, defending your home, and sticking together. Set in the stunning Australian outback town of Ettamogah, the story follows Amy, a fun, fiery eight year old and her gang of self styled Super Spies as they stand up to the vengeful, menacing Greedon, the logger.

Greedon has plans to destroy Ettamogah, first by sending the town broke so that he can put a road through it, then by poisoning the river nearby in order to make it easier for him to log the forest. Amy and gang discover this plan, and it’s up to them to save the town. 


Located in the unique setting of the Australian bush and full of rich, vibrant characters, the story takes us on a journey through deserts, forests and floods and a landscape that’s as dangerous as it is breathtaking. As we watch Amy, her best friend Koala, and the rest of the gang face the seemingly unstoppable Greedon, we witness the biggest journey of the smallest heroes.

A non stop action adventure featuring card playing dogs, sneaky rabbits, a massive hound who’s petty crim with a heart of gold, a villain who’s as mean as a cut snake and three times as fast and a little hero who never gives up, The Ettamogah Mob  -Greedon’s Revenge- has something for everyone.



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