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The First Tuesday in November

Documentary - Co-Producer

Writer: John Powers, Director/Producer: Kit Owens, DoP: Tim Maloney, Editor: Neil Brown

1-hour doco, screened on ABC.

over 25 years ago Kit Owen a respected and renowned director from the UK and John Hipwell, a respected producer from Australia teamed up to create a TV documentary depicting a very special day in the life of Australia. The special singular day was the running of the 1987 Melbourne Cup, a horse race that had been run since 1861. This race had become such a significant event in the life of Australia, that on every first Tuesday of November (the day of the race) it stopped the nation! That year Kensei won the prestigious and internationally famous Melbourne Cup.

The documentary film crew shot footage all over Australia, documenting many aspects of life on that special day. As per the original understanding, this DVD copy of the documentary has been issued to say thank you to all the cast and crew that worked on the production so many years ago.

The (4:3) documentary was screened on prime time ABC TV the next year and is one of the great Asutralian documentaries telling the ongoing fabulous story of the Melbourne Cup.

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