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Rovay Podcast - 'Stories From The Local Radius'

Podcast - Producer

Host/Editor: Rufus Parry, Artist: Rachel Rovay

It is Rachel Rovay's pleasure to introduce you to a free online podcast program (26 minutes) about Rovay's current exhibition, “Stories From The Local Radius”- December ‘23 - January ‘24, Hosted by Rufus Parry (visiting Australia from the Isle of Man)

This Podcast is available on-demand through this link: Rachel and Rufus discuss each painting slide and share thoughts and insights into each of the 20 artworks in the exhibition. You can either #1 listen to the podcast and view the works live at the window Gallery during the exhibition, #2 Listen to the Podcast while exploring the Rovay Gallery website, #3 Listen and view the podcast at a time that suits you, or #4 make a time to view in person with the Artist Rachel Rovay.

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