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Ko Ho Nas

Documentary - Producer/Sound Recordist

Director/Writer: David Swann, Writer: Simon Palomares, Music: Ricky Edwards, Editor: Mark Atkin

KO HO NAS is a humorous examination of a cross cultural 'mid-life crisis'. Simon Palomares of 'Wogs Out of Work' fame, returns to Spain to visit his ailing father while also struggling to find out where he truly belongs. Is it Spain or Australia? In a bid to discover the answer, he enters the gladiatorial arena of Spanish stand up comedy and not unlike a bullfight, to succeed he must prove he has the KO HO NAS to see the journey through the very end. The story is about how he goes back to Spain and tries to find himself spiritually with the help of Jorge Segura. The documentary displays his struggle with himself and how he comes out as a winner.

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