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God's Gamble 2

Short Film - Producer/Director/Videographer

Writers/Editors: Tim Sujak & Chris Kotaridis

Adam and Eve (biblical figures). God and Satan (titans of belief). Then there's Normal (seemingly staunch pillar of faith). There you have all the makings of God's Gamble 2: the sequel to a prequel that never existed. The movie nobody wants to watch twice: a complete and utter failure that even manages to fall short of succeeding in falling spectacularly. It's core message? It's central philosophy - if there ever was one? INVEST YOUR TIME WISELY. Man debates the existence of evil in the face of God; audience members debate the reason for the existence of God's Gamble 2... at all. Is it bad art done well or good art done poorly? Some vehemently argue that the short film's runtime - just under twelve minutes - feels exponentially longer than the film's substantially bloated production time of just a tick under six months. Blame the director; blame the producer - crucify the writers but seek to find yourself a saving grace elsewhere. If you're looking for redemption, experiencing the abhorrent dumpster fire that is God's Gamble 2 serves at the strictest form of penance.

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