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Dr Helen Light AM Video Portrait

Short Documentary Art Film - Producer/Director

Documenting a friendship and the creation of a portrait painting.
Rachel Rovay - Writer/Presenter, Roza Michiel - Videogrpher/Editor, Shenella De Silva - Re-Recording Mixer.

In Marc Chagall’s words: “If I create from the heart, nearly everything works...”.

This Video Portrait honours and celebrates Dr Helen Light AM through artist Rachel Rovay’s collection of personal audio and visual notes, gathered over two decades and includes the process of painting Helen’s portrait between 2019 and 2020.

This Rovay Video Portrait is rooted in the history of moving images, from Andy Warhol’s 5-minute-long moving portraits (1960’s) to the travelogue of Claude Friese Green’s The Open Road, 1926.

Rovay’s moving images cherish and relive the best memories of a friendship between the Academic and the Artist, exploring a sense of place and our cultural connections.

Helen Light’s capacity to observe and her ability to relate and interact with others had a significant impact on many people. Rovay’s unique images reveal the beauty in the relationship that became the catalyst for transformation through art. Helen Light, the individual, her humanity, her connection with others and her bond with our environment are far-reaching and inspiring.

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