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Aurora Art 2000

Art Film - Producer

Composition: Neil Kelly

Historical archival video art film/soundscape, DVD (detail)
Documenting the Melbourne Art Fair 2000, framed within an ambient and immersive soundscape/artscape.
Aurora Art 2000 is the first in a series of retrospective video art DVDs revealing the paintings, sculpture, new media, patrons and exhibitors at the Melbourne International Art Fairs.
Aurora Art 2000 is a suite of nine short films encapsulating the diverse and exciting art exhibited at the turn of the century in Melbourne Australia.
DVD, 24 Mins, Limited Edition (25), 16:9 Widescreen @ $1,100.00 inc. GST, postage & handling.
To order your copy contact
HIPS, Middle Park, Vic 3206
Phone: (03) 9699 9427
Email: john@hips.com.au

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